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Virtual Payments

How would you like to pay your vendors in the safest method available “and earn revenue from those payments!”  Virtual Payments is your answer.  We’ll perform a complimentary analysis to illuminate how much a business owner can earn.  There is no cost and no risk to you, just new hard dollar revenue delivered to your company.  Virtual Payments can be utilized by any size business.

Tax Credits & Cost Segregation

There are over 3,000 federal & state tax incentive programs to reward business owners for prudent business functions like retaining employees, job creation, innovating internal processes and more.  Let our partner assist in helping you learn which program is best for your business.

Has your company bought, built or refurbished any commercial property within the last 10 years?  Let our partner show your company how you can speed up the depreciation on your commercial properties and receive significant tax savings and credits.  They will perform an engineering study to help your business be more profitable and unlock tax savings that are available for your business. A simple questionnaire regarding your commercial properties will reveal just how much tax savings are available for your business.

Cost Segregation services are provided on a project basis and the tax credits that are delivered to businesses are usually 10-20 times the cost of the project.

Health Insurance

We’ve joined forces with a national insurance brokerage firm to deliver an expanded level of services and resources for the betterment of you and your employees, regardless of your business size.  Their insurance, financial services and technology provides personalized, tech-enabled solutions for a contemporary work-life experience so you can focus on what matters most…..sustaining and growing your business!

Workers Compensation

We joined forces with another national insurance brokerage firm with incredible technology and service for several types of business insurance.  They’ve reimagined the process of purchasing and paying for business insurance such as Worker’s Comp. Insurance, Business Package Policies, General Liability, Cyber Liability Insurance, Group Dental, Vision & Life along with Individual Term Life Insurance.  They’ve literally turned a typically long and complicated process into a lightning fast, money savings and pleasing experience, which only takes only takes 3-5 minutes to receive a competitive cost analysis of the services you’re interested in evaluating.  Additionally, businesses typically experience savings most of the time!

Business Funding & Grant Programs

Applying for and receiving capital for your business is normally a lengthy process.  However, we joined forces with a partner that can help your business receive a funding decision within 1 day and capital up to $2,000,000 as soon as 1-2 business days. 

When the ERC program was first released, it was an unknown program.  There are similar Grant Programs available to businesses in amounts of $5,000 to $250,000.  Like the ERC program, these grants are not loans and do not need to be repaid.   Our partner has created an incredible program that only takes a few minutes to apply. They will apply for these grants on behalf of your business every 2-3 months.  After your business is onboarded, they do all the grant writing, then will submit all your online applications, and 70% of applicants are approved!  You will be informed once your business qualifies for a grant and soon after you will start collecting your funding. 

Telecom Services

Our partner will review your existing telecom bill for the services you currently have to evaluate your current spend and telecom services.  They work with more than 300 carriers nationwide and assist companies in reducing their telecom spending, while offering better services and technology.  Whether internet, voice services, VOIP or any other telecom service, you will have the opportunity for a free analysis to ensure your business is on the right technology and platform at the best pricing available. 

Merchant Processing

Most businesses today take credit cards for payment.  Merchant processing costs tend to rise over time. Our partner will help you reduce the cost of merchant processing for your business and keep your costs low long term.  There are up to 15 different components, not just the rate, that make up the total cost of merchant processing.

Our partner will evaluate all the cost components of merchant processing, including monthly fees, how cards are processed, PCI compliance, card not present, level 2 and level 3 Processing, account maintenance fees and rate structure. 

A vendor agnostic and brokerage approach is employed, because every client is unique in the way they handle merchant processing.  In some cases, a business can eliminate the cost of their merchant processing.

Payroll Services

We have a strong partnership with a premier national HR & Payroll provider, offering a value-add like no other. Your business will benefit from a powerful human capital management platform that brings increased engagement, ROI and a strong technological advancement with price savings.  If you’re looking to enhance your HR & Payroll, receive phenomenal service while also saving money, this program is for you.

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